Year: 2017

Length: 46 m ( 150 ft)

Speed: 19.5 knots

Number of Rooms/Suite: 11

Crew: 16


Year: 2017

Length: 46 m ( 150 ft)

Speed: 19.5 knots

Number of Rooms/Suite: 11

Crew: 16

Year: 2017  Length: 46m (150 ft)
Speed: 19.5 knots  Number of Rooms/Suites: 11
Crew: 16

Charley is a catamaran of 46 metres overall length with a 15 metre beam.

She is designed to shadow White Rabbit Golf as a support vessel on all her voyages and carries a total of 11 tenders of various functions, including a 12 metre catamaran slung on a hydraulic-powered platform at her transom. She also has a helipad on her top deck for emergency evacuation as well as a two-person decompression chamber in case of diving accidents. Delivered in 2017, Charley has a top speed of 19.5 knots with berths for 11 guests and 16 crew.

Meet Biit

Meet Biit

Jump aboard Biit and you’ll be in for a day of fun!

Powered by 2 Yamaha outboard engines, Biit is a runabout catamaran used for diving, snorkelling and fishing trips.

She is launched from Charley by a specially engineered hydraulic platform. Biit features fish tanks to store the day’s catch and a separate bait tank. She also has a pantry, a toilet and shower.

Her special demi-hull underwater shape means a soft ride even in choppy seas. With an overall length of 13.5m and a beam of 4.6m, there’s ample room for up to 12 passengers as well as all the gear required for a great time enjoying the thrills of the ocean up-close.







Length overall (LOA)
46.7m (excluding main tender lift system)

Length DWL

Beam Moulded

Beam Extreme

Draft @ DWL

Full Load Displacement
~366 Tonnes

Moulded depth (to mdk @ midships)

Air draft (to high aerial at DWL)
TBC pending antenna section (EY)


Maximum Speed
~24 knots @ 353 tonnes displacement (max)

Cruise Speed
18 knots

Range at 18 knots
2300 nmiles (no reserve), 2100 nmiles (10% reserve). No Gen Set burn.

GL X 100 A5 Motor Yacht (Review of Hull aspects only)

Cook Islands (Review of all aspects except Hull)



Crew including Supernumeries:


Fuel Oil
2 of, 27,800 litres tanks

Fuel Oil - Day Tanks
2 of, 2,200 litre tanks

Fresh Water
3 of, 7,500 litre tanks

Sullage - Treated
1 of, 750 litre tank

Steering Hydraulic Tank
2 of, 110 litre capacity

Hydraulic Storage Tank
1 of, 300 litre capacity (500kg including tank as per system weight study)

Hot Water Cylinders
2 of, 314 litre Rheem fast recovery hot water cylinders

Lube Oil Clean
500L dirty oil (clean oil will be provided by Jerry cans per Owner request)

Tender Petrol
1,500 litres

Live Fish Tank
1,200 litres

Grey Water
2 of, 4,000 litres tanks (combined black & grey)



Tail Shaft
2 of, Stainless Steel XM-19 (Aqualloy 22 HS) propeller shafts

2 of, Ø1850mm fixed pitch

Stern Seal
2 of, Duramax, eagle seal or Wartsila (TBC)

Steering & Maneuvering

2 of, Cartbon Fibre rudder blades and stocks

Stern Thruster

Bow Thruster
2 of, 20inch 100hp Wesmar

Ride Control

Fresh Water System

Reverse Osmosis Plant
2 of, 10,000 litres per day unit, Matrix or similar

UV Steriliser
1 of, Jowa UV5 steriliser

1 of, Brand / model TBD

Propulsion Machinery

Main Engines
2 of, Caterpillar 3512C D rating. Resiliently mounted.

Gear Boxes
2 of, ZF 7640. Hard mounted.

2 of, resiliently mounted underwater wet exhaust c/w water injection elbows, water lock muffler and gooseneck riser above water exit. Gas / water seperator for below WL water exaust and above WL gas exhaust.

Waste Water System

Waste Water Collection System
Gravity type, macerated.

Sewage Treatment Plant
1 of, Hamman Cont-02

12 of, Planus Arctic

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning
Custom Cool Technology chilled water/fancoil system, with exhaust air extraction and conditioned fresh air

Gallery Range Hood and Air Curtain
Custom Cool Technology

Deck Equipment

Midship Crane (port side)
1 of, Palfinger PK 8501 MD

Midship Crane (stbd side)
1 of, Palfinger PK 8501 MD

Aft Tender Lift Platform
1 of, (TBC by LoMo)

Fwd Anchor Windlass
2 of, Muir SGC type Gysy / Capstans, white painted finish (TBC)

2 of, 350kg Bruce Type SHHP

Fwd Capstans
2 of, Muir VC 6000

Aft Capstans
2 of, Muir VC 6000

Tenders and Water Toys
1 of, Custom 12.0m Catamaran

1 of, 23ft Castoldi Jet tender 1,800kg each

2 of, Caribe C14 tenders

1 of, 3.6m Hov Pod

1 of, 2.9m Williams Turbojet

4 of, Yamaha jet skis, Naturally aspirated

Exterior Door & Hatches

Kontrail (or equivalent). Aft double door may by another supplier instead.

Deck Hatches
Kontrail (or equivalent)

Bulwark Hatches

Noise and Vibration Design
Echo Yachts (TBC)

Life Saving
4 of, 16pax RFD SOLAS B-pack life Rafts (to provide 150% capacity per side). 146kg each.

Assorted Loose Life Saving equipment according to Flag requirements.

Paint Systems

Exterior Structure
Fairing & Painting of all exterior gloss surfaces utilizing AWL Grip products & faring systems

Antifoul system International Trilux 33

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Saltwater sprinkler (dry system) plus salt water fire hydrants, and portable extinguishers

Engine Room
FM200 gas drenching or Stat X system

Gallery Range Hood


Main Generators
2 of, Caterpillar C7.1 150ekW generator sets

Emergency Power

Emergency Generators

Emergency Battery Bank (Emergency lights only)
Master Volt batteries, Qty TBC

Hydraulic Power

Auxiliary Generator (to power hydraulic systems)
1 of, Caterpillar C7 172bKw@2200rpm generator set

Electric Hydraulic Power Pack
1 of, HSS Hydraulic Power Pack

Shore Power
2 of, Shore power inlets 125amp European style (Brand TBC)

Power Management
DEIF or Kongsberg system

Power Distribution
Echo Yachts, 4 wire floating earth system

Internal Telephone

PA / GA System
1 of, Jotron Phontech Public Address & General Alarm system

1 of, Jotron Phontech Automatic Telephone system

Fire Detection & Alarm System
1 of, Consilium (or similar)

Control Stations
1 of, Wheelhouse Central Helm & 2 of, Wing Stations

Alarm, Monitoring & Control System

General Alarm System
Kongsberg (or similar)

Engine Rack Control & Gearbox Actuator
Caterpillar (Equipment models / details TBC)

Main Engine Control & Monitoring
Caterpillar (Equipment models / details TBC)

Generator Control & Monitoring
Caterpillar (Equipment models / details TBC)

Doors & Hatches Control & Monitoring
Kongsberg (or similar)

Steering Wheel
Navis (Equipment model / details TBC)

Follow-up Lever
Navis (Equipment model / details TBC)

Rudder Angle Indicator
Navis (Equipment model / details TBC)

Navigation Systems

Radar Systems
1 of, Furuno FAR-2117 12kW X Band Radar system

Chart System
1 of, Furuno ECDIS system or Furuno TZT Navnet Chartplotter system

Gyro Compass

Magnetic Compass Autopilot System
1 of, Cassens & Plath Magnetic compass system c/w spare compass bowl in wooden box

1 of, Furuno GPS, (model TBC)

Differential GPS (DGPS)

1 of, Trimble SBS 361 DGPS (beneath console)

Autopilot System
1 of, Navis (model TBC)

Doppler Speed Log
Doppler Speed Log

Navigation Light Control
1 of, Den Haan LED Navigation light panel (Equipment models / details TBC)

Echo sounder
1 of, Furuno FE-800 Echo Sounder system

Night Vision
1 of, FLIR M618CS Thermal Night & Daylight Stabilised Camera

Sonar System
1 of, Kongsberg EM204DC

Ships Horn
1 of, Marco EW3-M Electric Horn

2 of, Sanchin HRX-150 Xenon

Signal Lamp
1 of, Aldis handheld (model TBC)

Automatic Identification System (AIS)
1 of, Furuno FA-150 AIS system

Depth Sounding System
1 of, Depth system c/w six (6) transducers, one display and a selector switch


Radio & Communication Systems

GMDSS Area 3
1 of, Furuno FS-1575 150W MF/HF/DSC Radio system

2 of, Furuno FM-8900S VHF/DCS Radio systems

2 of, Furuno FELCOM-18 Sat C systems

1 of, Furuno NX-700A Navtex system

3 of, Ocean Signal V100 GMDSS VHF Handheld Radios

1 of, Ocean Signal E100 Float-Free EPIRB

2 of, Ocean Signal S100 SART’s

1 of, Victron GMDSS Battery Charger c/w GMDSS Interface Panel

1 of, Furuno PR-850 Auto Change-over power supply

1 of, Furuno PR-300 Auto Change-over power supply

GSM fixed cellular
1 of, NetComm GSM system

1 of, Intellian V100GX VSAT system

Satellite TV
1 of, Intellian t110 Satellite TV system

Kongsberg (or similar)

Docking Aid
Oceanview camera system, Platinum

Intruder Alarm System
Kongsberg (or similar)