Owners original brief (2014) for White Rabbit Golf

The owner selected a small team he trusted after the build of White Rabbit Charley a few years back. The team was headed up by Mark Stothard. He chose the stylist who had previous experience in the interior and exterior stying of White Rabbit Echo and the basis of the styling for the new 84m White Rabbit Golf followed the same theme as Echo.

One 2 Three Naval Architects were selected as the Naval Architects as they were the designers and builders of White Rabbit Echo.

In an initial meeting with the Echo Yachts team, the owner expressed a wish to explore ‘Engineering boldness’ and what was important to him was minimal noise and vibration.

The Echo team explored numerous drive train options and settled on Cat powered diesel-electric, driving through Stadt AC electric motors and then through a Konsburg power management system and finally through Rolls Royce variable pitch prop system.

The net result was a very low 42 DBA in the main stateroom in the lower hull which is the closest room to the AC motors.

Vibration levels were exceptionally low as well and could be described as non-existent and the net installed kW from the 6 Cat gensets reflects around 40% less installed power than an equivalent monohull of the same GT.