White Rabbit


Year: 2018

Length: 84 m ( 276 ft)

Speed: 19.5 knots

Number of Rooms/Suite: 11

Crew: 32

White Rabbit


Year: 2018  Length: 84m (276 ft)
Speed: 19.5 knots  Number of Rooms/Suites: 11
Crew: 32
White Rabbit
Year: 2018  Length: 84m (276 ft)
Speed: 19.5 knots  Number of Rooms/Suites: 11
Crew: 32

Designed and built in Australia, White Rabbit Golf is a fine example of bold engineering.

With an overall length of 84 metres she features an all-aluminium trimaran hull and an aluminium superstructure. Her 11 cabins and two master staterooms can comfortably accommodate up to 22 guests. In addition, she has a crew of 34.

She has a cruising speed of 19.5 knots and is extremely quiet and vibration-free thanks to her diesel-electric propulsion system. The ride control system has four separate foils to create a smoother voyage. At 12 knots she has a range of 5,500 nautical miles.

Delivered in 2018, White Rabbit Golf was refitted in 2021. With two separate dining areas, a jacuzzi, a cinema, a dive locker for six divers, and a lift serving three decks, guests will find all the comforts of home, no matter where White Rabbit Golf may sail.

Meet the Captain

Meet the Captain: Francois Voisin


"The sea has always been my element. Whether sailing skiffs off the Brittany coast, sailboats in the Caribbean or yachts across the Pacific, there was no question that I would spend my life on the water.

As soon as the dock lines are cast off, the freedom you get from the sea is great for the soul. It helps you refocus and has so much magic to it. The ocean is still one of the last frontiers.

Every day I love to share my passion for the sea with our crew and guests. As you can imagine, running a large yacht is non-stop work and a great responsibility. My primary concern is always for the safety of the vessel and the comfort of our guests. We work as a tight team 24-hours a day, and I rely on the dedication and professionalism of our officers, engineers and crew.

White Rabbit Golf is the latest addition to the fleet, and as the largest multi-hull yacht in the world it is a very beautiful yet very complex and technically challenging vessel.

Over the years, many of our guests, often ask me with a cheeky grin: “Do you really call this work?” It is a wonderful job indeed, with many responsibilities and all the stress you can imagine. But every morning I wake up believing that I have the most incredible job in the world.

Some of my personal favourite moments have been sailing at night through luminous plankton, being surrounded by dolphins in the Pacific and sailing into the Bougainville Islands to be welcomed by native canoes.

Wherever we may sail, I look forward to welcoming our new and returning guests and spending time sharing the magic of the sea. See you on board!”








Length overall (LOA)

Length DWL

Beam Moulded

Beam Extreme

Draft @ DWL

Full Load Displacement
1,342 Tonnes

Moulded depth (to mdk @ midships)

Air draft (to high aerial at DWL)


Maximum Speed
18 - 19 knots @ 1190 tonnes displacement

Cruise Speed
13 knots

Range at 12 knots
4658 nmiles (no reserve), 4235 nmiles (10% reserve)

DNV X 1A1 LC R0 Yacht

Cook Island


28 intended (40 berths if double beds are occupied by 2 persons)

Crew including Supernumeries:


Fuel Oil
166,000 litres

Fuel Oil - Day Tanks
2 x 1,000 litres

Fresh Water Main Tanks
2 x 12,500 litres

Fresh Water Forward Tank
26,200 litres

Sullage - Untreated
2 x 9,000 litres

Sullage Trimming Tank
5,000 litres

Sullage Treatment Plant
24,000 litres treatment per day

Sullage - Treated
1,500 litres

Steering Hydraulic Tank
200 litres

Hydraulic Storage Tank
500 litres

Hot Water Cylinders
2 x 315 litres rheem hot water tank

Lube Oil
500 litres

Lube Oil Dirty
800 litres

Sludge Tank (Waste Oil and Fuel Purifier) 
800 litres

Tender Petrol


2 of, NiAl Bronze - custom Size TBC

Tail Shaft
2 of, 14,300mm x 185mm (Equipment model / details TBC)

2 x 2000mm diam 5 bladed Rolls Royce Controllable pitch propeller

Stern Tube
Oil filled stern tube configuration

Stern Seal
Rubber design shaft seal

Steering & Maneuvering

2 x Hydac steering / rudder system

Stern Thruster
2 x Schottel 360 SP57 pumpjet

Bow Thruster
Schottel Rim Thruster

Ride Control
4 x Naiad active spanning foils

Fresh Water System

Reverse Osmosis Plant
4 x 15,000 litres per day each HEM watermaker units

Water Treatment
HEM FWS 3305 freshwater skid (contains silver ion steriliser and pre filtration system)

Water Softener (for shore supplied water)
HEM K-60 or similar

Propulsion Machinery

Main Electric Propulsion Plant
4 x Caterpillar C32 Gensets, V-12, 4-Stroke-Cycle-Diesel, 940ekW, 1800RPM, 690V, 60Hz.

2 x Caterpillar C18 Gensets 690V 60Hz, I-6, 4-Stroke-Cycle-Diesel, 550ekW, 1800RPM, 690V, 60Hz.

Electric Motor
2 x Kongsberg / Stadt 690 volts 2100kW electric drive motors

Gear Boxes
ZF 7661

C18 Exhausts
Dry exhaust stack discharging out the mast

C32 Exhausts
Discharge at transom via sponson

2 x stack dry exhausts with HUG scrubbers

4 x water injection wet exhausts with mufflers

Waste Water System

Waste Water Collection System
Vacuum type, JETS 30MB-D

Sewage Treatment Plant
1 of, Hamann STP, HL Cont Plus 10

34 of, Jets Charm T0611PO wall mounted Vacuum or similar

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning
4 x Custom Cool Technology chilled water/fancoil systems, with exhaust air extraction and conditioned fresh air

Gallery Range Hood and Air Curtain
Custom Cool Technology

Deck Equipment

Foredeck Tender / Rescue Crane
1 of, Nautical Structures (or equivalent) 3000kg extendable SOLAS (rescue) davit

Fwd Anchor Winches / Capstans
2 of, Muir VRC20000 (or equivalent) Vertical Anchor Windlass c/w VSD control cabinets.

Fwd Rollers, Compressors & Devils Claws
2 of, Muir (or equivalent) to suit 28mm Grade U3 Stud Link Chain

Fwd Pendant Control & Chain Counters
2 of, Muir chain counters (or equivalent) to suit 32mm Grade U2 Stud Link Chain.

2 of, pendant controls.

Forward Anchors
2 of 817kg SHHP balanced self stowing Anchors, Stainless steel. 178m per side of double dipped Galvanized 28mm Grade U3 Stud Link Chain

Aft Capstans
2 of Muir VC20000 Vertical Docking Capstans c/w 2 of, 2 speed VC20000 Electrical Controls.

Stern Anchor
1 of 385kg HHP stern Anchor, Galvanized steel. 27.5m of double dipped Galvanized 19mm U2 Stud Link Chain. 70m of 28mmØ nylon rope.

Aft Pendant Control
2 x Muir pendant controls

Aft Swim Platform Transformable Deck
1 x Opacmar transforming seastair and bridging platforms

Tenders and Water Toys
2 x Naiad stern drive tenders 2,200kg each

Exterior Door & Hatches


Deck Hatches
Kontrail (or equivalent)

Bulwark Hatches

Noise and Vibration Design
Echo Yachts

Life Saving
8 x Zodiac 16 person rectangular SOLAS A - pack liferaft

8 x Life Buoys (total) inclusive of 2 x Life Bouys c/w light & smoke 2 x Life Bouy c/w 30m white floating

Line 4 x Life Bouy standard type 12 x Rocket Parachute Flares 2 x 406 MHz EPIRB 1 x Rescue boat Life Jackets 90 Adult + 10 Child + 2 Infant Immersion suits TBC (pending exemption)

1 x Line Throwing Appliances with spare charges (12 shots) 3 x Portable VHF Radio's 2 x Posters, signs, placards, ops instructions Lifesaving signals & rescue Poster

Paint Systems

Exterior Structure
Fairing & Painting of all exterior gloss surfaces utilizing AlexSeal products & faring systems

Antifoul system NP Unagi / Ecolosilk (propellers)

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Ultrafog system

Engine Room
Ultrafog system

Gallery Range Hood
Ultrafog system


Main Generators
Four 940Kw and two 550Kw Caterpillar diesel generators feeding the 690V switchboard.

Auxiliary Generator (to power hydraulic systems)

Shore Power
Magnus. Ships power comes from the 690 volt system, transformed down to 440 volts for heavy consumers, and finally down to 240 volts for the normal household appliances, lighting etc.

Power Management

Power Distribution
Echo Yachts, 4 wire floating earth system

Internal Telephone
Panasonic PABX

Fire Detection
Consillium system

Internal Telephone

PA / GA System
1 x Jotron Phontech PA/GA System MPA 1600 - Single Loop system

Emergency Intercom System
Phontech CIS3100 Talkback System

1 x Panasonic IP-PBX, DECT Telephone system KX-NCP500AL

Fire Detection & Alarm System
1 x Consilium

Control Stations
1 x Wheelhouse Central Helm plus 2 x Wing Stations

Alarm, Monitoring & Control System

General Alarm System

Main Engine Control & Monitoring
Rolls Royce / Kongsberg

Generator Control & Monitoring
Caterpillar / Kongsberg

Doors & Hatches Control & Monitoring

Steering Wheel
Navis STCS 4000

Follow-up Lever
Navis STCS 4000

Rudder Angle Indicator
Navis STCS 4000

Navigation Systems

Radar Systems
1 of, Furuno X-Band Radar Model FAR2117BB/24VDC/A, 12kW, 96nm 24VDC

1 of, Furuno S-Band Radar Model FAR-2137SBB/220VAC/220VAC/A, 30kW, 96nm 24RPM

Chart System
1 of, Transas NS4000 MFD ECS Option

Magnetic Compass Autopilot System
1 of, Simrad RGC50

Differential GPS (DGPS)
1 of, Furuno DGPS Model GP-170, 12CH Receiver, 6" LCD

Autopilot System

Log & Anemometer


Doppler Speed Log
1 of, Furuno depth, speed/distance and temperature indicator DST-800

Airmar 150WX, true wind seed, direction, barometric pressure, humidity and air temperature

Navigation Light Control
1 x Lopolight controller & lights plus secondary system

Echo sounder
1 of, Furuno Navigation Sounder Model FE-800, 8.4" Colour LCD, 600W RMS

Night Vision
1 of, FLIR M-Series M618CS Thermal Night & Daylight Stabilised Maritime System

Sonar System
1 of, Furuno CH-270 Searchlight Sonar, Blackbox (Auto retracts from 5-15 knots)

Ships Horn

1 of, Carlisle & Finch, XY2EDE-RF

Signal Lamp
1 of, IBAK NHS200H

Automatic Identification System (AIS)
1 of, Furuno FA-150 Class A


Radio & Communication Systems

GMDSS Area 3
2 of, Furuno FM-8900S VHF/DCS

1 of VHF/DSC repeater in crews mess

1 of VHF/DSC repeater in Dive store

1 of, Furuno Inmarsat-C Model Felcom-18 Standard

1 of, Furuno NX-700A Navtex system

1 of, Ocean Signal V100 GMDSS VHF Handheld Radios

2 of, Ocean Signal E100 Float-Free EPIRB

1 of, Tron AIS SART

1 of, Victron GMDSS Battery Charger c/w GMDSS Interface Panel

1 of, Furuno PR-850 Auto Change-over power supply

1 of, Furuno PR-300 Auto Change-over power supply

Fleet Broadband
1 of, Fleet Broadband, Furuno Felcom-500

VHF Radios
10 of, VHF Handheld, ICOM IC-M88

2 of, 6 way Battery Charger (Equipment models / details TBC)

GSM Fixed Cellular
1 of, Netcomm NTC-30WV

Terrestrial TV Antenna Unit
1 of Glomex system

2 of, Intellian V100GX

Satellite TV
1 of, Intellian t100 antenna system (105cm Dish)

1 of Lilin 36 channel NVR with 16Tb storage, 2 x Lilin pro PTYZ cameras, 12 x Lilen dome cameras & 2 x underwater cameras for anchor

LRAD Corperation

Satelite Communications
Intellian Vsat x 2 sytems

UAIS - Universal Automatic Identification System



Outfitting of Specific Spaces

M.Y. White Rabbit Echo

M.Y. White Rabbit Echo

Dive equipment store
M.Y. White Rabbit Echo

Machinery & Electrical spaces
M.Y. White Rabbit Echo

Hull Voids
M.Y. White Rabbit Echo

Exterior deck areas and features
M.Y. White Rabbit Echo

Exterior storage spaces and lockers
M.Y. White Rabbit Echo

Construction & Naval Architecture

Launched 2008

Naval Architecture
One 2 Three Naval Architects

Hull / Superstructure Construction Material

Construction & Naval Architecture
Echo Yachts

Exterior / Interior: SSD




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